Will There Be Any NCLB Left To Reauthorize?

Over at the Gadfly, Mike Petrilli uses the budget proposal to look for hints at where the Bush Administration is going on NCLB reauthorization (The President’s Budget: A thought experiment). Given that Petrilli is a smart guy and just left the USDE a few months ago, let's guess he has some worthwhile insights -- and that beefing up intervention in low performing schools and expanding choices for students in them are going to be part of the mix.

However, with Secty Spellings giving away the AYP farm over the past year, and states doing their own part in lowering standards, I'm not sure there's going to be much NCLB left to reauthorize by the time it comes around. Speaking of which, NCLB reauthorization may well get pushed back and caught up in campaign politics -- a far cry from the front-and-center treatment it got in 2001.


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