Pundits & Reporters Being Fooled on Boehner

Today it's Education Week, writing the story you would expect and quoting smartypants like Larry Sabato at UVA and Mike Petrilli at Fordham about how committed Boehner is going to be in education (Boehner goes to majority leader). What, no Rotherham quote?

You can say it as many times as you want, but I still just don't buy it. Wishing it -- and reporting the wishes of those who wish it -- doesn't make it so.


The wishful thinking comes from education folks wishing and wanting that someone in power might be interested in education.

The lazy reporting comes from education reporters not being skeptical enough to ask questions about how things really work or consider what might really happen.

Like I said before (How the Boehner Elevation Helps NCLB Opponents), the reality is that Boehner being Republican second in command doesn't necessarily mean anything for education.

Sabato's contention that being in the leadership gives him "influence" and "flexibility" ignores the reality that the House is run by a White House and Republican campaign committee that have no interest in education policy besides declaring NCLB a victory and moving on.

Petrilli is quoted saying Boehner feels protective of NCLB, to which I say well then where's he been the last year while Secty Spellings has been dismantling it?

Boehner's being rewarded for being a good soldier on NCLB -- with a ticket out of the committee. And I think that helps NCLB opponents more than anyone else.


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