Dallas Officials Go "Reading First" With Title I and 21st Century Funds

Just when you start to think that only federal officials can get lazy, greedy, or both, Dallas Morning News stars Kent Fischer and Molly Motley Blythe report that some Dallas school officials may have "gone Reading First" with federal education funds -- been playing it fast and loose with Title I and 21st Century program dollars (DISD misused federal grants). It's not quite the same as misdirecting billions in Reading First grants, but it's a step in the right direction, doncha think?

Meanwhile, the Balt Sun tells the Reading First scandal story from Bob Slavin's perspective: "Four years ago, a nonprofit education firm called Success for All occupied four floors in a Towson office building and employed 500 people. Hundreds of schools across the country were signing up to use its highly regarded reading curriculum, which stresses phonics." (Favoritism guided funds for reading, report says)


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