"Think Tank Noise": When The Events & Op-Eds Replace The Work

I love the phrase "think tank noise" that Andy Rotherham uses here in a post about Fordham, Bennett, and Paige endorsing (practiced yawn) national standards: Bennett Bets Big On National Standards.

Now, in all fairness, "think tank noise" is phrase that I'm sure the Fordham folks would want to use to describe at least some of the Ed Sector's work as well, but for those of us standing a little bit outside that world it's obvious: there is so much think tank noise these days, filling our email inboxes with announcements and new "research," exhausting us with events and op-eds (but very little direct work with lawmakers, government agencies, or... whatever you call those brick buildings with the noisy kids in them). I'm tired just thinking about it. (And, sitting here writing about it, I'm no better.)


Blogger Margaret Paynich said...

This i precisely the reason a person like me, a college student pursing education policy is not putting "think tank" on my list of future jobs that I'd like to pursue. I would love to see more advocay with the public and lawmakers. Where are all the people who are talking, meeting with and helpung students...Um isn't that reason we're in this in the first place?

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