Neither Spellings Nor Dems On Board With National Testing

In all the predictable hullabaloo surrounding last week's Washington Post editorial by former Ed Secretaries Bill Bennett and Rod Paige (Why We Need a National School Test), no one (including me) seemed to note the absence of prominent Democratic support for the idea -- or even any murmurs of support from Secty Spellings. (In fact, I think I recall she said it wouldn't be a part of any Administration proposal.) Again, I'm not opposed to the idea, and would make it so if I could only find my magic wand. But with Fordham apparently on the outs with the current USDE leadership, and no Dick Riley or Ted Kennedy coming out for the national testing idea, where does it go?

TUESDAY UPDATE: Eduwonk calls me cranky -- but then comes to pretty much the same cranky conclusion (The Noise Knows!).


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