Spellings Cheerleads NCLB, Chides Media For Hypocrisy

The timing of Today's SF Chronicle op-ed by Secty Spellings on NCLB's accomplishments seems strange, given yesterday's NCLB commission hearing, the release of the Spellings Commission report on higher ed, and the Reading First scandal (aka "Dribels"?). But there she is (Is the feds' lesson plan working? / YES:), touting increases and improvements she attributes to NCLB, and calling editorial pages to task for worrying about international competitiveness and complaining about NCLB stringency at the same time:

In the piece, she writes: "Curiously, some of the same editorial writers and talking heads who wring their hands about economic competitiveness are the first to complain that NCLB is too onerous, that it sets the bar too high."


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