Lower SAT Scores -- Different Papers Cover Differently

Practically everyone covers the SAT story today, with interesting variations in how they introduce the decline in scores for this year's test takers. Thanks to Margaret P for suggesting this comparison.

Some writers focused on the scores, others on explaining why they were lower this year, and a third type focused on the impact of the lower scores on college-going kids who take the tests:

For example, the Associated Press focuses on the test itself and goes with the College Board explanation that more kids were taking the longer test just one time (SAT Scores Take Biggest PLunge in 31 Years). Meanwhile, the NYT's Karen Arenson goes with the gut issue -- how the scores are received by college admissions officials -- in her story (SAT Reading and Math Scores Show a Significant Decline).

Over at the Post, Jay Mathews gets crazy and plays the boy/girl card in his opening, pointing out that females did much better on the new writing section than boys (SAT REcords Biggest Score Dip in 31 Years). Last but not least, USAT focuses on the reduced numbers of low-income test takers (Scores for expanded SAT show largest dip since 1975).


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