Who Gets the Last Word in the Washington Post This Time? I Do.

For an interesting look at how a mainstream paper handles the issues of attribution, research quality, and past political affiliation that filled these pages last week, check out today's Jay Mathews measured review of Jack Jenning's work. Best of all, Mathews wraps up the piece with a quote from one of my first posts on the topic -- about the implications of the Jennings saga for other think tanks, reporters, and funders:
Alexander Russo, a former teacher and Democratic Senate staffer, said on his blog This Week in Education that whatever one thinks of Forster's conclusions, his article suggests that more care be shown by those "who have tried to recast themselves as unaffiliated and independent quasi-academic voices . . . education reporters who might have to think about who they're quoting, and . . . the foundations who fund them to do good research."


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