Magazine Watch: Race, Objectivity, and Reasons

Acting Your Race In These Times
"Like its predecessors, “Crash” offers up a self-serving thesis of race that consists of two propositions: One, racism is a matter of individual prejudice; two, the antidote to racism is, therefore, personal redemption....We are all racists; we are all human. Difference is an artificial cultural construct that disguises and distorts our true universal…"

The Twilight of Objectivity Slate
Here, Michael Kinsley argues that objective journalism has never been objective but rather has served as a conceit behind which traditional journalists work. Yes, I posted this earlier in the week, but I know you didn't read it.

The Reasons for Reasons New Yorker
Malcolm Gladwell helps us figure out the four types of reasons people use to explain or defend themselves, and how to tell what someone thinks about you or the topic at hand (say, NCLB) by which reasons they use.


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