Things I Should Probably Have Posted Already

The Twilight of Objectivity Slate
Abandoning the pretense of objectivity does not mean abandoning the journalist's most important obligation, which is factual accuracy. In fact, the practice of opinion journalism brings additional ethical obligations.

AASA Supports NEA NCLB Lawsuit Bulletin Board (NASBE)
Perhaps the most interesting development [in re states joining the NEA] is AASA’s support for the lawsuit....If nothing else, NCLB has brought the superintendents and teacher’s union together on one issue.

High Stakes Testing Washington Monthly
...If everyone agrees that a study like this is useless, why did the John Templeton Foundation spend $2.4 million on it?

Dropping a bomb on accreditation Inside Higher Ed
In its first six months of operation, the Education Department’s higher education commission has been best known — and most feared in academe — for some off-handed comments from the panel’s chairman about the need for more evidence that college students are actually learning something....Now the Secretary of Education’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education has a new target: higher education’s longstanding, little understood, and much-maligned system of regional accreditation.


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