What the CEP Really Meant To Say About NCLB

So I finally found and read the official press release for last week's CEP report on NCLB implementation -- as well as gathering a little bit of inside scoop on how things might have taken place between the Times and CEP (who isn't talking, apparently).

Clearly, the Times broke CEP's embargo, which was for Tuesday AM. Apparently Dillon was working on a curriculum narrowing story separate from the CEP report, and got ahold of all or part of the CEP report. This was a big mistake on CEP's part, because then Dillon's piece became the official -- but not really complete -- story of what they'd found.

The CEP release -- essentially a guide to reporters about what to focus on -- does include curriculum narrowing and other downsides, but it is on the whole so much more upbeat about NCLB than you would ever know from the stories that have been printed, citing NCLB as a positive force in aligning standards, increasing student achievement, and reducing the achievement gap.

So, kudos to CEP for putting out a balanced press release. Raspberries to them for letting the Times and others hijack the story. And even more raspberries to some of the press and much of the blogosphere for not getting the story straight.


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