Who's Next On The Hot Seat?

The first HotSeat was such a big success (Petrilli Survives) that people are already bothering me about which educationista is going to be batting down my ridiculous questions next.

Truth is, I've got a few lined up, but after that it's up to you. Suggestions? Self- nominations? Dare you.


It's going to be hard to follow Petrilli, but next up is the mysterious Jeanne McCann, website editor for Education Week. God knows how she got the go-ahead from Ginny and the rest of the gang. On the HotSeat she tells us about trained monkeys and overseas bureaus and all of Education Week's dirty little secrets.

Shortly thereafter, the Public Education Network's Howie Schaffer tells us how he turned the weekly NewsBlast into a must-read for tens of thousands of educators each week. He's a machine.

Rounding out the initial quartet is -- you guessed it -- Andy "Eduwonk" Rotherham. In his interview, Rotherham talks smack about all the other education groups, comes clean about what it's like to be on a state board of education, and mumbo-jumboes his way out of my tiresome "why no comments on your blog?" questioning.

After that, it's up to you -- well, not really, but if you've got any ideas about who would be fun (and might actually submit to the process) feel free to send me an email or make a public suggestion. Ideally, it's someone who you'd like to know more about, who writes decently, and who maybe hasn't been covered ad neauseam. (Did I spell that right?).


Blogger Ed Researcher said...

ad newsium, if you want a good pun.

interview a researcher, like david figlio or dan goldhaber. they'll always talk about their research.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Michele at AFT said...

Cecilia Rouse, Alan Krueger or Jesse Rothstein, all at the Princeton Industrial Relations program.

4:14 PM  

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