What's Wrong with Education Week:
Too Much Following, Not Enough Leading

Debra Viadero's story Concern Over Gender Gaps Shifting to Boys is a great example of what's wrong with Education Week right now. It's well-written, reasonably thorough -- and two or three months late.

Considering the resources that Education Week has garnered, the history of the paper, and the staff that are there, shouldn't EdWeek be leading coverage, rather than almost always seeming to follow it?

I'm a big fan of EdWeek and what is has done. But as a reader -- and almost certainly if I were a funder -- I'd be asking the paper to think about breaking some news, or at least leading the way into new territory, once in a while.


Anonymous caroline hendrie said...

I'm glad you're "a big fan of Ed Week," and that you think Debbie
Viadero's piece on boys'schooling in this week's paper was well-written
and thorough.

But as for the story being "two or three months late," you
might not have realized that Ed Week was actually way ahead of the curve
on this story, not behind. For your reading pleasure:


Take care,

Caroline W. Hendrie
Assistant Managing Editor
Education Week

8:57 AM  

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