What Boehner & McKeon Are Really Good For: The Student Loan Industry

While some of us have been debating about what Boehner's impact is going to do or not do for NCLB and school reform in general (How the Boehner Elevation Helps NCLB Opponents,Pundits & Reporters Being Fooled on Boehner), this USNews piece skips all that and gets right to what's what: New House lineup good for student loan industry.

Like it says, "The rise of Ohioan John Boehner to majority leader and the likely rise of Californian Howard P. "Buck" McKeon to Boehner's old job as the powerful chairman of the Committee on Education and the Workforce are good news for one industry."


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I thoroughly agree. Sallie Mae is one of the largest entities providing cash to McKeon and Boehner. This weekend, McKeon is holding a $5000 a plate dinner in the Florida Keys. I'm sure Albi Lord will be there (or at least his lackeys).

Abli is busy these days building his super-fantastic private golf course in Maryland while tending his bid as owner for the Washington Nationals. I'm sure Buck will be able to golf on the golf course or sit in the owners box should Albi be able to buy the team. Buck has earned it by protecting Sallie Mae from competition and raising the cost of eduction to all.

Then again, Buck has never had felt much urgency when it comes to education. According to Buck's bio, he didn't receive any college degree until age 47. And then, the Mormon McKeon received his degree from BYU: a mormon college over 500 miles from McKeon's home - that's a hell of a commute. Or, maybe the picture of the head of the Mormon church on McKeon's table in his office might be there as recognition for certain favors granted in Buck's educational record.

Guess it doesn't matter, according to press sources, Buck is driving the most expensive car in the entire House of Representatives (based on those who expense their cars to their taxpayers).

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