Three Takes On The Spellings Speech

Fascinating to see how three different papers treat Secty Spellings' speech on higher ed reform yesterday, with some like the NYT's Sam Dillon emphasizing her commitment to reform and results (Secretary Vows to Improve Results of Higher Education), while others like AP's Ben Feller taking a softer line about efforts to easet the process (Spellings Offers to Ease College Process ). Then, over at the Seattle Times, they make it sound like she's bashing higher ed at a high pitch (Education secretary assails state of colleges ). Lots of overlap, too, but...

AFTERNOON UPDATE: The Houston Chronicle gets straight to the response/potential impact of the report and Spellings' pronouncements, and comes away pretty pessimistic about real or widespread action coming from the Miller commission's work. I'd concur, given that nothing's happening until next year, that Miller is going home, and all the rest of Congress's distractions. Same thing could easily happen to the Aspen Institute NCLB Commission's work.

UPDATE 2: In a post entitled Spellings Commission DOA?, Sherman Dorn looks into his crystal ball and lists which provisions he thinks will get enacted, fully or partially.


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