AFT John Vs. The Washington Post's Jay Mathews

AFT John starts off his Thursday with one of my favorite blogging tactics -- using someone else's attack as cover for your own. In this case, he's using a Sherman Dorm post about Jay Mathews on national standards to ... slam Jay Mathews on charter schools ( Sherman Dorm vs. Jay Mathews).

You see, Mathews wrote a cover story about national standards possibly being on their way to reality a few days ago, about which Dorm objects on substantive grounds (with some reason). But AFT John is really just pissed at Mathews about his "pro" charter school leanings.

Yes, it's unusual that the Post lets Mathews write as a beat reporter and as a columnist (and book author on the side). Yes, national standards are probably not going to happen just yet. But why is AFT John coming off so anti-charter, I wonder, given ... everything else?


Anonymous John at AFT said...

I'm not against charters. Our largest affiliate, the UFT, has two charter schools, and the AFT represents teachers in other charter schools.

I am against using tax dollars with little accountability or oversight. I'm disappointed that so many charter school advocates have taken half the original charter school bargain -- less red tape -- without delivering on the other half -- innovation, replicability, and higher student achievement.

I believe no extra obstacles should be put in place to prevent charter school teachers from organizing unions, and I believe, all other things being equal, unions strengthen the quality of teaching and learning.

I am against biased reporting and think a newspaper that allows an employee to work both as a reporter and a columnist shouldn't be surprised when people question the objectivity of the "reporter" persona.

And I believe that Jay Mathews wouldn't have used the word "somewhat" had the results favored charter schools.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Kimberly said...

I do find Jay Mathews support of KIPP to be unreasonable and just plain weird. Anyone who has first-hand knowledge of KIPP knows its pluses and minuses. (I call it the Stepford Kids.) Mathews, on the other hand, just can't get enough of them. Drank the Kool Aid. No way you can talk to him. Just as stuck in his ways as Jay Greene was in HIS ways when I tried to talk to him about his research.

Otherwise, Mathews is really really smart.

12:37 PM  

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