Teachers, Pro and (Mostly) Con

Teacher certification worthless? Las Vegas Review-Journal via JimmyK
The 2001 federal "No Child Left Behind" law includes a requirement that more public school teachers be certified in "core academic subjects" such as math and English. But a new study by the Brookings Institution -- hardly a right-wing outfit -- indicates it's hardly worth the bother.

Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone! Harpers
From “Recurring Nightmares: An Investigation Into the Repeated Hiring of Substitute Teachers Unfit to Care for Children,” a report released in January by the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District. The report examined cases in which substitutes who behaved inappropriately were repeatedly rehired.

Accountable teachers? USNews BaroneBlog
Interesting column today on Page 2 of the Wall Street Journal from the often interesting David Wessel: "It's the Teachers, Stupid" (subscription required). It starts off sounding as if Democrats are finally interested in having kids actually learn something:


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