How The Private Sector Thinks About Education

If, like me, you are fascinated but largely ignorant about the education "industry" -- vendors, providers, EMOs and the like who are increasingly part of the education world -- you should check out Marc Dean Millot's School Improvement Industry Weekly (sample front page at right).

Click below to hear why -- and how to get a free trial or reduced-price subscription.


It seems pretty clear that there just isn't much information out there about the private side of the education industry -- especially considering how big that industry is ($50B a year?).

There are the occasional reports from the National Center on Privatization at Columbia, intermittent think tank reports, and occasional gleanings through the mainstream press. But that's about it.

So along comes the SIIW -- an information-packed 25-page PDF that provides an eye-opening and highly convenient look into how education companies really think and what they're up to.

For example, last week' edition of SIIW rounds up announcements and RFPs, discusses the impact of accounting changes on district finances, and highlights how districts can block students who want to transfer to charters. There's stuff in there about the Voyager purchase. There's also a free podcast: Defending Entrepeneurs from the Presumption of Ill Intent.

You may be horrified, or amused, but you'll definitely learn some things you didn't know before. The first 20 people who email me about it (alexanderrusso@gmail.com) can get a free 4 week trial subscription and/or a 50 percent discount on the annual cost.

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