Chief Innovator (and Education Hottie) To Leave USDE-- What Will We Do Without Her?

Education hottie and USDE top-gun Nina Shokraii Rees gets a fond farewell from the folks at The Gadfly, who cite her tenure as head of OII as "unusually productive and entrepreneurial" and list a long series of impressive-sounding accomplishments.

Hmmm. Much as I crush on her every time she's on CSPAN, I can't say I'd go so far as that. Vouchers for DC? Yawn. The supplemental services program? Still a mess. Weekly newsletters and occasional reports? You gotta be kidding.

I do agree with The Gadfly that Secretary Spellings needs to find a great replacement. To that end, I nominate Ana Marie Cox, aka Wonkette.com, who knows nothing about education but is smart and hot and just quit her day job.

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Blogger Alexander Russo said...

to those who have ojbections about this post, i should have pointed out that this whole "hottie" business comes from a summer 2005 post called "hot for education" (http://thisweekineducation.blogspot.com/2005/08/hot-for-education-top-five-best.html)that included men and women and was among the most popular posts ever on this site. superficial, yes. sexist, not particularly.

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Blogger EdWonk said...

Be careful what you say about my official blog mother! :-)

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