DePaul University: The Biggest, Happiest College in the US?

Keep an eye out for my article on DePaul University ("Happy U.") in the new issue of Chicago Magazine, which asks: how did DePaul University -- long a small Catholic commuter school known mostly for basketball coach Ray Meyer -- get so big, and so happy?

With 25,00 students, the school is the 8th largest private nonprofit university in the country, and the largest Catholic university. Two years ago, it was rated as having the students who were happiest with there university experience.

It turns out that getting big was a big part of getting happy. And it turns out that it wasn't really by chance.


Blogger EdWonk said...

Good to see that you're back from the road trip safe and sound.

It seems as though a great many students who choose to attend Catholic universities are very satisfied. Both DePaul and Notre Dame enjoy huge alumni support.

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