Hot For Education (Update)

You are all cowards for refusing to post your nominees publicly -- but I'm fine with that. Just keep those anonymous nominations pouring in.

From the number of hits and emails I'm getting, the secret is out that nearly everyone in education has a crush or two.

Anonymous nominations so far today include NYC Councilwoman extraordinaire Eva Moscovitz, Wallace Foundation studmuffin Richard Laine, Gates foundation guru Tom Vander Ark, the Heritage Foundation's Krista Kafer, and research and policy god Rick Hess, who, I am told, "chicks dig."

Also, several late-afternoon calls for ex-Harvard professor Pedro Noguera (pictured), and more than a couple of mentions for Gretchen Sims and John Luzcek at the Joyce Foundation. There must be something in that foundation water.

A few folks have also mentioned Chicago superintendent Arne Duncan, which I sorta get, but I think that the NCLB triumverate -- Xavier Botana and Beth Swanson and Erica Harris -- are probably the best looking people on Clark Street. (Though I did always like talking to Joi Mecks when she was in the press office and I still like hearing her voice when I'm on hold.)

Other nominations: "Everyone in TFA."

Taking it all with the appropriate grace and grain of salt, uber-hunk Tim Knowles reports that the portrait that started it all is actually not of him, it's his evil twin.

Evil twin or the real McCoy,
fellow blogger Joanne Jacobs probably put it best:
"Tim Knowles would motivate me to, um, support school reform."


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