Ten Types of (White, Female, Antsy) Teachers
Who Might Not Be As "Highly Qualfied" As Anyone Says

Let me be the last to note that, according to Mr AB at From The TFA Trenches, there are 10 Characters you can find in most PD or faculty meetings (or in most teachers lounges).

Read the burbs (and additional suggestions) for yourself, but the ten include Sincere Sally, Eccentric Emily, Happy Harry, Busy Brenda and others. During my brief teaching stint, I was some annoying combination of Prickly Paul, Talky terry, and Cash-Cow Charles. Which type are (were) you?

On a more serious note, there were some other interesting articles about teachers this week -- including one from the weekend highlighting that today's teachers are still predominantly white, female, and often looking elsewhere (
New York Times).

There's another about how in California teachers may not be as "highly qualified" as their district or state commission says they are (
Suit: State mislabels teacher interns Sacramento Bee). Scrutiny like that, after nearly everyone's been suspiciously easily declared HQ, might make some other states and districts nervous, I'd say.


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