Not Satisfied with High School Students,
Military Guns for Peace Corps Volunteers

What may have seemed originally like an easy way to kill two birds with one stone, the legislative link between NCLB and military recruiting has turned out to be a giant albatross in terms of public perception, and definitely seems to undercut the main focus of the law.

Now the Pentagon apparently is trying -- not for the first time, I'm told -- to link its recruitment efforts to another group of young people: Peace Corps volunteers. Understandably, the Peace Corps is fighting back. Military Service Link Could "Damage The Peace Corps", "Put The Safety Of ... Volunteers At Risk"... (Huffington Post).

If only education advocates had been able to do the same with NCLB.

In the meantime, Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" has some of its own ideas about how the Pentagon could deal with its recruitment woes, centered in part around a funny (but foul-mouthed) interview with a student who refused to participate in gym classes run by the National Guard: House of Ill Recruit (The Daily Show).

It's a video segment -- maybe my first -- let me know if it doesn't work for you. Again, beware what may be offensive language and content.


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