The Boys Crisis: Just Because It's A "Loser" Issue Doesn't Mean It's Not Real

The debate over whether there even should be a debate about boys' struggles in schools continues, with lots of comments on the NSBA blogsite and a link to this article in Esquire.

In it, author Tom Chiarella (a university professor with two sons) makes no bones that the boys crisis is an unpopular issue. It's "a loser," he writes -- in large part because it's so easily hijacked by ideologues.

But Chiarella quotes none other than the EdTrust's Kati Haycock saying that resistance from educators has persisted despite ten years of data.

And he comes up with solutions that rely in particular on men -- not just fathers or even teachers -- jumping in and being part of the solution. "Select two boys, the ones who need it, the ones you know are hurting. Take a lesson from Joel Klein and convince two more men to do the same. Two more men: That's your assignment."


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