No States Will Be Fined On HQT; Some Won't File Revised Plans Until Fall

According to this story (via Stateline), the list of nine states who were initially deemed not to have met the "good faith" standard for complying with NCLB's teacher quality provisions is down to two -- and even those states aren't going to get fined.

It's amazing how these things happen. States already off the list of 9 (according to the Missoulian): Alaska, Delaware, Minnesota, and North Carolina. States on the verge of getting off (according to this story): Montana, Nebraska, Iowa. Here's a clip about how Alaska got off the list.

Who's left? Idaho and Washington.
Not that being on the list really matters, it seems. According to the story, the USDE official in charge of all this (René Islas, pictured) said "he didn't expect any of the state's money would be restricted or held back."

So what, exactly, then is the pressure on states to submit great revised HQT and equity plans next week and get a lot done in 0607? Not much, apparently. This clip says Utah won't submit it's revised plan -- due July 7 -- until October.


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