TIME Magazine's Strange Take On The Current State of NCLB

With opening lines that include"the Bush administration is finally beginning to show some leniency," it's amazing just how behind the curve this week's TIME Magazine article on NCLB seems at various moments. What the reporter is referring to is the growth model approvals from last week, which were -- amazingly -- not all that lenient. As evidence, there's a bitter quote from the NCSL's Dave Shreve about states being disappointed that more weren't approved for growth.

Later on, the piece seems to capture the current reality a little bit better: "This change is one in a series of moves over the last year by Education Secretary Margaret Spellings..." blah blah blah. The piece also reminds us of other NCLB "fixes" that may be in the wings, including special exams for disabled students. And it also points out something few seem to appreciate, which is that the flexibility hasn't won many converts. Mike Petrilli -- my hero -- sounds the alarm that Spineless Spellings may have given away too much. Via ASCD SmartBrief.


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