Why Administrators And Education Officials Fear Blogs: It's Not The Online Predators.

I think that beneath the surface school administrators and other officials might be just as concerned about how blogs all the rest could affect them as they are about how they might affect kids. In part, at least, it's reflected anxiety. And the anxiety is not entirely unwarranted. For example, you can read over at Peyton Walcott about how the investigation she kicked off has changed the course of events in at least one Texas district (Peyton Wolcott). Or check out what happened to this poor superintendent who was trying to engage in regular online chats with folks about his district-- click through past Paul Brown Baker's post and you'll see it didn't work out very well (Superintendent’s live online chats engage hundreds). Or there's the story in this week's EdWeek -- the second story in as many weeks to come from the blogs -- about how an author who's critical of NCLB got disinvited to a recent conference (Author, Publisher at Odds Over Content of Talk).


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