Insufficient Disclosure, or Just Wasted Space on SES At The WPost?

There's a post over at Assorted Stuff about how the Hickock opinion piece on SES is an example of insufficient disclosure on the part of the Washington Post. True enough, you don't find out until the end (and then only vaguely) that Hickock now lobbies for SES providers as part of his work on behalf of the education industry. My main complaint, though, is that the piece seems intellectually dishonest -- blaming the lack of SES entirely on schools and districts. I'm no apologist for how the ed bureaucracy has implemented SES, and I know that folks like Hicock and Rees have to make a living, but the providers have mucked things up a fair amount as well. Rees's piece in last month's Gadfly at least had some interesting political analysis.


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Learn how to spell, idiot. I think you have about 10 different variations of the spelling of what should be H-I-C-K-O-K in your dumb article. If you are going to write it, atleast write it correctly.

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