The USDE's Own Jeff Gannon?

Kudos to the USDE for having invited a blogger to a briefing with Secretary Spellings -- I think. This seems like yet another wakeup call for the education "establishment" (journalistic and otherwise) that blogs are in the house. It's somewhat chafing that the blogger they picked (Eduwonk's Andy R.) continues present himself -- and get treated -- as an uninterested and independent observer which he's clearly not. However, I take solace in the likelihood that the they, like the White House with Jeff Gannon, invited Andy because they know he's buying what they're selling. With any luck, there are no male escort pictures lying around.

UPDATE: Eduwonk's annoyed response from Thursday afternoon is here. My follow-up effort to clear things up on Friday is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, I think you meant "disinterested."

11:22 AM  
Blogger Caroline said...

Second prize: TWO briefings with Margaret Spellings.

12:49 AM  

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