"President's S & M Initiative" Has A Nice Ring To It -- But Little Likelihood of Enactment

Other than leaving out my not-to-be-missed red carpet critique of Secty Spellings' outfit (below), the NSBA's BoardBuzz pretty much sums up or points to everything you need to know about the President's S & M (science and math) initiative from last night -- including a resounding lack of public interest in the issue -- here: Education nets passing mention in SOTU.

It ain't just lack of public interest that's a problem. There's also the money problem, and the bipartisanship problem, all the other things that are no more important but way more pressing, and all the negative associations people have with science and math.

Quick quiz: Anyone remember last year's big SOTU/budget push? (Hint: it had something to do with high schools, and like Medicare reforms and a bunch of other things it went....nowhere.)


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