Media Watch: Plagiarism Prevention Technology Migrates From Classroom To Newsroom

Sloppy and deceitful journalists, watch out. The company best known for developing TurnItIn.com, an online plagiarism prevention tool for schools and colleges, has now created a new version -- for newspapers.


According to this story (Plagiarism 2.0) in the Baltimore City Paper (via Medibistro), it's called CopyGuard and it's being sold as an add-on to LexisNexis and used to check for insufficient attribution and outright theft. To some, at least, what's good for the goose is good for the gander:

“The school I went to as a kid has installed anti-plagiarism software to check student papers," says one source in the article. "Yet many of North America’s leading newspapers won’t even bother to the check the previous work of a staffer found lifting material, let alone invest in technology."


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