Don't Think Education's Going To Have A Big Role in the State of the Union

Maybe I've been gone from DC too long, but this little gem from the Center for Education Reform newsletter made me spit out my coffee:

"As the nation awaits President Bush's State of the Union address on Jan. 31, in which education is expected to figure prominently, Governors are taking to the podium for their State of the State addresses and there appears to be more pomp than circumstance."


Wow. First off, I can't remember any big education initiatives from this White House since NCLB. Have there been any? Either way, don't hold your breath waiting for any new ones.

In the meantime, I'm not sure if CER really meant to slam the governors that hard -- or if there's much of a case to be made. For good or ill, the states have been pretty active. Someone call the NGA.

Maybe CER means the foreign-language stuff (Bigger Ed. Dept. Role Seen in Bush Foreign-Language Plan), which is a nice national/economic security tie-in.


Anonymous Jeanne Allen said...

Hey, Alexander Russo! Thank for reading CER's Newswire. I'm sorry your "spit out your coffee" over the blurb about Governors. But have you read the state of the states lately? No matter what the tenure, political affiliation or size of state, most of the Govs are offering pablum -- conventional wisdom instead of reform. Money, pay, paybacks, and more. We love the states -- it's where most of the action lies... but this year, something funny is obviously happening on the way to the forum.

As for Bush's state of the union, we can only tell you what we hear, and domestic policy is back on the agenda, with education a theme. We'll see, but, it is good to debate, and we can hope, can't we?

8:37 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

hi, jeannie --

it's always good to have the subject of the post weigh in, even if we disagree.

to be honest, i haven't followed all of the governors' proposals. maybe they are all as lame as you suggest. but i can't see anything better coming out of the white house.

if you know something, let us know. just a hint is fine. otherwise, i'm thinking that nobody's got any ideas right now.

8:54 PM  

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