The Century Foundation Gives Us Another Reason Why Part-Timers Shouldn't Play Education Expert

Over at The Century Foundation, Greg Anrig, Jr. (pictured) -- another education policy part-timer (see below) -- takes stock of four years of NCLB and comes up with an elegant way to say the same old thing.


In his post (NCLB's Poison Pill), Anrig points out the predictable and inconclusive nature of all the NCLB anniversary back-and-forth that's taken place over the past couple of weeks, for which I applaud him.

But then he goes on to make his own predictable and inconclusive point, which is that NCLB's big winner is conservatism, because it makes schools look so bad and endangers public support for them. "That's a gift beyond the wildest dreams of even Milton Friedman and other libertarian voucher supporters."

Oh, please.

From: Smelling the Coffee at the Century Foundation (Schools Matter)


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