High School, Social Security, and Iran (NCLB News)

As with the campaign to revamp Social Security (or invade Iran), the first step in any major initiative is to convince everyone that the current situation is dire and needs immediate attention: Studies Show High Schools’ Shortcomings (Education Week), and “Study underscores calls for high school reform” (Stateline.org).

The next step is to flood the market with ideas about how to make things better: Spellings to focus on high schools (Washington Times), Governors’ Association Offers Steps to Help States Improve High Schools (Education Week), Miami District to Study H.S. Courses With Eye to Addressing Inequities (Education Week).

If possible, minimize confusion about whether the problem is really that bad, or how to fix it, or whether any of the proposed solutions stand a chance of being implemented (or making a difference): District Initiative Key to Improving High Schools, Study Says (Education Week), High-school testing bill 'faces stiff resistance' (CNN), No Child expansion likely to face trouble (USA Today), Bush’s High School Agenda Faces Obstacles (Education Week), and Are more tests the correct answer? (Kansas City Star).

Last but not least, cross your fingers that your efforts aren’t undercut by revelations that a previous initiative – be it last year's Medicare drug plan, invading Iraq, or the existing NCLB act – turns out to be full of hidden problems: Utah Is Unlikely Fly in Bush’s School Ointment (Education Week), Utah hopes to persuade feds to loosen No Child rules (Salt Lake Tribune), Two senators challenge No Child Left Behind (Spokesman Review), Scattered rural districts passing on No Child Left Behind (AZ Central.com), No Absurdity Left Behind (Washington Post).

Stand firm, most of the time, sort of, where you can:

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ND: A victory apparent NCTQ Bulletin
Chicago, Ed. Dept. Settle Tutoring Dispute Education Week

Best of the Rest:

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Some tests could go online Austin American-Statesman
Albeit Late, State Data to Go Online in March EW
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