A Week of Reversals (NCLB News)

From the USDE’s ruling on North Dakota to the school that canceled its spelling bee to the House investigation of the Armstrong Williams scandal, it was a week of dramatic reversals.

First, the USDE reversed itself on whether ND elementary school teachers were highly qualified: Delegation wins administration reversal (The Conservative Voice), NCLB teacher decision pleases district (Devil's Lake Daily Journal).

Who knew that two Democratic senators (one of them already targeted by the opposition) could get it done? Dorgan may push for repeal of NCLB (Bismarck Tribune).

Then, the school district that canceled its spelling bee “because of” NCLB decided that, oops, maybe that wasn’t necessary: Administrators thought it violated 'No Child Left Behind' (WorldNetDaily).

Last but not least, on Thursday the House Republicans decided that maybe they won’t investigate the Armstrong Williams pundit payola scandal: Inside baseball (Eduwonk). This comes just days after Secretary Spellings finally addressed the issue in the USAT (above).

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