NCLB Here To Stay, Where Next on High Schools?, Early Childhood Rumblings, (Washington DC)

At least one key Republican lawmaker – Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE), the head of the House Education Reform Subcommittee – confirms yet again that NCLB will remain in effect: Castle: School reforms on slate (News Journal). “If anyone thinks it's going away, they're wrong. No Child Left Behind is here to stay.” Indeed: No Child Left Behind is here to stay (Fort Worth Star Telegram).

Meanwhile, things remain relatively quiet on the NCLB expansion front, in large part due to the lack of a clear plan for moving forward on the broader issue of high school reform:
No ... Teenager Left Behind? (Time Magazine), Oppose expansion of federal education law (DesMoines Register), Calls for Revamping High Schools Intensify (Education Week), High schools beef up requirements (The Kansas City Star), and Opinion: NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: Fix it first (St. Louis Today). At least one state is going the opposite direction, however: IN officials back off new diploma requirements Indianapolis Star.

While not as broadly publicized, early childhood education remains a hot issue in the states and to some extent in DC:
Dodd, other Democratic senators introduce bills on jobs, education ... (Newsday), Common Ground on Preschool (New Democrats), The Scientific Teaching of Reading (Education Week), School Readiness Starts at Home, National Report Says (STATELINE.ORG), Early childhood efforts should be focused, governors' panel says (Minneapolis Star Tribune), Kids need an earlier start (Chicago Tribune), Expansion of early education urged (News Observer), District won't restore kindergarten teachers' aides (Pittsburg Tribune), Teachers of Kindergartners Adapt to Full Days (Education Week). Also: Pre-K at public schools (Palm Beach Post), Parents, read to your babies (North County Times), and To do: Pass out cigars, call preschool (Cleveland Plain Dealer).

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