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The Perils of School Finance, Everyone Hates NCLB, and Too Soft on Spellings? (Washington DC/National): While not that much is happening in Washington, school finance lawsuits and equity decisions continue to come in waves across the nation, usually raising hopes (and temperatures). Meanwhile, Utah and others take aim against NCLB, and the media give suspiciously little scrutiny to the new Education Secretary.

A Week of Reversals (NCLB News): From the USDE’s ruling on North Dakota to the school that canceled its spelling bee to the House investigation of the Armstrong Williams scandal, everyone seemed to be changing their minds.

Super Bowl Scheduling, Merit vs. Performance Pay, Tough Love in Kindergarten (Urban Education): Last week it was snow storms, this week it’s the Super Bowl. What’s an urban supt. to do? Plus, "merit" vs. "performance" pay; charter schools – they’re great, they’re awful; and, one tough kindergarten teacher.

Reading, Coaching, and Teaching 'Explicitly' (New and Notable): Once in a while, I’m forced to admit that the most important things going on in education really happen in classrooms. This week’s strong slate of classroom-based pieces is one of those times. (Those cute little people walking by my window every morning are called "children," right?)

Tutoring, Deseg, a Sudden Resignation, and 4 Schools Targeted (Chicago IL): First, the Board resolved its long-running dispute over tutoring with the US Department of Education and finally began allowing minority kids to transfer into once-“full” white schools. Then, Renaissance 2010 front man Greg Richmond resigned, just as 12 small new schools were approved and four existing ones came up for possible closure.

Looking Beyond High School Reform (New York City): This week's editorial in the New York Times wisely points out that all the high school reform in the world -- small schools, themed schools, exit exams, et al -- won't make much of a difference if federal, state, and -- I would argue -- local laws governing teacher training, evaluation, and assignment aren't addressed forcefully.

Raging Parents, Coin Flips, Early Romance, and Talking Pens (School Life): Just another week in the crazy world of schools.


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