School Reform, The (Video) Game

For years now, educators have been trying to tap into the mesmerizing qualities of video games to help students learn useful skills and content. Thus far, at least, they haven't seemed to have succeeded, unless you count the Sims. But it's a cool idea.

As this recent NYT article (Saving the World, One Video Game at a Time) explains, however, the makers of "serious games" are trying to take that idea one step further, by creating games that involve players (mostly adults) in real-life crises like the suffering in Darfur or the troubles in the Mideast.

The idea, far as I can tell, is to educate folks about the complex dynamics of these situations. So how about serious video games for school reformers, NCLB reauthorizers, or kids at risk of dropping out?

UPDATE: The Seattle Times has a piece about the struggle to create learning-focused games for kids: Learning-game makers to give it another shot via EducationNews.org)


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