The EdWeek Pricing "Mystery"

For almost a year now, lots of folks have been linking to EdWeek with a $$ sign, which usually means that you have to pay to read the content. But either EdWeek did a miserable job of explaining itself or we're all just stupid, because in reality EdWeek lets you read lots of stuff -- including two of their main articles a week -- without charge. You just have to register, as with lots of places. (Behind the Scenes) Now you know.


Blogger Tim said...

For full - and free - access find an administrator who subscribes to the paper edition and has no clue about using the web. From the mailing label copy the claim code and the name on the subscription. Then click on the Subscribe now link on the main page and scroll to the bottom of the next one to find where to put this information.

Works like a charm. :-)

5:51 PM  

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