Why Did EdWeek Promo Widmeyer?

I'm as fascinated as anyone about how ideas and information travel but I thought that the advice column from Scott Widmeyer the latest in Education Week (Communicating for Change) wasn't particularly illuminating, and I'm not exactly sure why EdWeek gave him such a prominent platform.

To my reading, the advice includes a lot of self-contradictory PR mumbo-jumbo and some notable clunkers. There's also the fact that Widmeyer has been at times a controversial figure -- not just for the rates he apparently charges but also for his influence over shaping and selling the National Reading Panel report (and through it Reading First), which The Nation chronicled in Reading Between the Lines.

Why not a well-reported article about Widmeyer (and the rest of the ed PR community as well), instead of throwaway fluff from him?

POSTSCRIPT: While we're talking about EdWeek, it's also a little strange that they announce the appointment of Karl Zinmeister as White House domestic policy chief (the post Margaret Spellings used to hold) without mentioning that Zinmeister has been accused of (and seems to have admitted) doctoring some of his past writings while at the AEI magazine. If you trust Wikipedia.

UPDATE: Over at Eduwonk, Andy Rotherhams doesn't like this post .


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