Where MySpace Meets National Security: Sexy Pictures, Yes. NSA Eavesdropping, No.

In stark contrast to those of you who can't resist reading and writing tired old "Dangers of MySpace" articles (Filtering Access), Justin Berton over at the SF Chronicle seems to be onto something fresh and interesting with this piece that contrasts attitudes towards sites like MySpace with the NSA eavesdropping program: Generation Gap: Parents, exhibitionist young people differ on NSA spying (via CJC). First off, it connects to something that's in the news. Even more important, it focuses on a key and oft-neglected issue: how and why younger people have come to feel so comfortable putting crazy stuff online. To me, that's the real story -- not the pedophiles and stalkers.


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Your point of view is interesting. As the mother of a 21 and 13 year old I am mystified when I see some of the things they are willing to post. Not every young person's space is monitored like my kids are and it's surprising to say the least. I have noticed a surge in the number of young kids (8-9) who are willing to share some of the most personal and private home matters in the classroom and they don't seem to see any need for privacy or that they might be intruding on others who don't want to know.

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