How Did the CEP Report Results Get Hijacked?

Over the past week, I and others have raised questions about the scope, messaging, and press surrounding the annual report from the Center on Education Policy, and today's NYT editorial hits on many of these points.

Still, nobody knows yet exactly how the report findings got hijacked.


The report is based almost solely on the views of educators, who are even more than students the subjects of NCLB. As I noted earlier (Is This What Joyce Paid For), doing that is like asking the energy industry to be the sole respondent on implementation of new environmental laws.

As the editorial points out, the report's findings are also not nearly as damning of the law -- or as supportive of educators' efforts to improve public education -- as was initially reported. For example, efforts have been to bring quality teachers to struggling schools continue to be pathetic.

This raises questions about both the balance with which CEP presented the report to the press and the press reported the findings. I'm still looking for a copy of the talking points or exec summary that CEP was giving out to folks. I wonder whether it will look as balanced as it should?


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