Friday Papers March 31 2006

State takeover blocked by legislators, House passes HEA without Dems, not every state is lowering its standards, and more.


Maryland Is First State to Take Over Failing Schools Under NCLB EdWeek
Maryland became the first state to use its authority under the No Child Left Behind Act to seize control of failing schools when the state board of education voted to take over 11 middle and high schools in Baltimore.

Bill Would Block State Takeover of Baltimore Schools BaltSun
The Maryland General Assembly moved swiftly yesterday to block a state-ordered seizure of 11 low-performing schools in Baltimore, maneuvering in dramatic fashion to pass legislation by this weekend to thwart the will of the State Board of Education.

House Passes Education Bill on Party Lines NYT
The measure would expand grants based on need and press colleges to control tuition, but did not include a Democratic proposal to halve the interest rate on student loans.

Mich. raises the bar for studentsDetroit News
Legislation placing Michigan’s high school graduation standards among the nation’s most rigorous won final passage Thursday.

Study to Examine Public Schools LA Times
No on can say with certainty how much money it would take to properly educate all children – if that’s even possible.

Study gives tips on Latinos Arizona Republic
When it comes to helping struggling latino kids learn, success has little to do with money, class sizes, fancy reading programs, parent involvement or tutoring, a study released Thursday concluded.


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