No Child Commission Gets An Early Start

Don't expect too much from the NCLB Commission being announced this week, according to the USAT's Greg Toppo (Bipartisan panel to study No Child Left Behind). That's because every time the ESEA reauthorization comes around, there's another commission (or two), and a bunch of studies by the USDE. And pretty much every time, the comissions' recommendations are outdated, unviable, and easily ignored by the time Congress gets around to doing its thing. Plus which, this one's being run by a former HHS Secretary (Tommy Thompson) and former GA Gov. Barnes.


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The 1994 reauthorization of ESEA was greatly influenced by the recommendations of the Commission on Chapter One, which was supported by some of the same funders backing this new commission. If you look at the major 1994 reforms, such as moving Title I away from ineffective practices like pulling low-income kids out of regular classes, it's all there in the Commission's recommendations.

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