Media Watch: Why Are Some Journalists/Media Organizations So Slow to "Get" Blogging?

I'm regularly astounded at how strange and "new" blogs seem to some journalists -- even youngish and/or tech-happy ones.


To me, a blog has always been just a website (ooh, the Internet!) and an opportunity to (a) write commentary (= "columnist") and (b) work without an editor (ahhh!/oops!). This article via CyberJourlist.com says it best: A blogger is just a writer with a cooler name (AdAge).

Of course, more and more papers are creating blogs, and how the integrate and process the postings is interesting to watch. Here's a piece about how the Washington Post edits blogs -- some of it's prescreened, but much of it is edited after the fact. And so far at least the world hasn't ended.

Speaking of journalists, here's a piece via Jimmy Kilpatrick about the ideological leanings of J-school teaching:THOSE LIBERAL J-SCHOOLS (Columbia Journalism Review) from over the weekend. Hide your Paul Wellstone pins and Utne Reader subscriptions, everyone.

Disclosure: As explained here, I'm just bitter that I haven't been able to get anyone to give a home to my little blog(s).


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