The Rise of the BlogMap

I'm happy to say that there are now over 70 blogs listed on the education blogmap, including policy blogs, classroom blogs, subject-area blogs. Based on the feedback I've gotten, the thing people like most about the blogmap has been finding out who else is blogging near them, or on a similar set of issues.

There are also a lot more blogs out there than the 5-10 that most of us already know about, some of them with great design and images. Best blog name (and masthead) so far: School Of Blog. Honorable mentions: A Shredwness of Apes, Teaching in the 408, and EdWize (pictured). Most ominous image: Mike Antonnuci at the Education Intelligence Agency.

Check them all out here. There's still room for more, so get yourself listed or tell your friends. Also: if your URL (website) address didn't get included and you want people to be able to click to your site from the map, go for it a second time and I'll delete the original post. Thanks to everyone for participating.


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