Education Sites Win Online Journalism Recognition

Kudos and questions about this year's online journalism award winners, which include a few education-related sites and stories:

In the service journalism category, there's
Get Schooled education blog (Atlanta Journal- Constitution) and My Favorite Teacher, (Philadelphia Inquirer). They're great, but what about all the other education blogs out there? Do only "blogs" affiliated with major dailies get considered? What about Jay Mathews' weekly column, which is service-y sometimes?

In the specialty journalism category, there's The Chronicle of Higher Education. Again, great site, but they won last year -- and what about Education Week?

And in the "outstanding use of multiple media" category, there's one of my favorites: Class Matters (New York Times). Not specifically about education, but it's still about the underpinnings of our society and helps inform education reporting.

Online journalism awards ONA via Cyberjournlist.com


Blogger EdWonk said...

I believe that you're right. The blogs that seem to have gotten the attention were those affiliated with major newspapers.

But then again, when it comes to attracting the notice of the judges, it helps if your blog is born on Third Base. There's nothing like a newpaper write-up for pointing traffic (and judges) your way when a site is launched.

Sure is easier than starting from scratch with "0" readers.

1:50 AM  

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