Tutoring: Now That's A Bright Idea.

I am so sick of the tutoring debate, and you should be too, but there is a useful series of articles in EdWeek about what it's like and how it really works that might be worth checking out: Leveling the Playing Field (EdWeek), Huntington Learning Center (EdWeek), Youth Policy Institute Los Angeles (EdWeek), ABC-Learn West Hills, Calif. I can't stop myself.

There's also a piece out from the Chiefs about the broader issue: Using NCLB Funds to Support Extended Learning CCSSO (via PEN) PDF.

This Week's Tutoring News:
Boston schools allowed to continue tutoring Boston Globe
Kennedy Applauds Change in Tutoring Policy American Chronicle
Chicago's largest tutoring provider cooperates AP
Tutoring firm yields to state ethics probe
Chicago Tribune
Ohio struggles to measure tutoring program Akron Beacon journal
Reaching one child at a time Washington Post

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