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As some of you know, local education technology guru and blogger Lucy Gray has been (very patiently) helping me think up and figure out some new ways of beefing up the interactivity and connectivity functions of This Week In Education.

Here, thanks to Lucy's work, is one of the first of what I hope are many additions to the site: the This Week In Education BlogMap.

As you can see from this example (taken from another site), basically, it's a GoogleMap that will let everyone in the edusphere add their own colored pin showing (a) where they are geographically and (b) what they do/what they're all about.

With it, you can find other education blogs near you, or check out new ones far away. You can even sign up to get an email telling you whenever a new education blog gets added to the map.

For now, the map is pretty bare (11 listings so far), but I imagine it's going to fill in pretty quickly. To get started, simply go to the site, add your edublog information (and a picture if you want), and you're on the map.

We'll leave it open for a little while, and then maybe do a color-coded categorization thing so that you can see which sites are about teaching, or policy, or research, whatever. For now at least, anyone can sign up -- even institution-based opinionators.

Thanks again to Lucy, who is a teacher here in Chicago and blogs at A Teacher's Life.

For more on GoogleMaps and all their many applications, see the article in this week's NYT: A Journey to a Thousand Maps Begins With an Open Code.


Blogger KC said...

Thanks for doing this and giving us a chance to promote ourselves! (check out SF, CA). I've already learned something from it -- that Jane Jacobs is located in Los Altos. Very cool.

For another example of using google maps for school blogging purposes, check out my SF Schools Information Map where I put a marker for every SFUSD school on the map, with lots of links in the associated info windows.

Love those google maps!!!

9:31 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

kc -- glad you like the map, and congrats on yours. googemaps are great, it's true.

9:47 PM  

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