Recruiting Rebellion: What Recruiting Has Done (Could Do) to NCLB & the Peace Corps

A pair of op-eds about the dangers of trying to add military recruiting to NCLB and the Peace Corps:

The first -- Recruiting turns parents against NCLB (Chicago Journal) – is my effort from the end of the summer to describe how the recruiting provision, perhaps as much as anything else, has helped turn parents against NCLB without any discernible impact on the Pentagon’s ability to meet its recruiting goals.

The second, more recent piece, Mission Creep (NYT), talks about the scary but very real effort to try and link the Peace Corps and military service -- potentially undoing the long-established and very important separation between what the Peace Corps does and what soldiers do.

Lesson: bringing military recruiting into nonmilitary arenas (education, third world development) is a bad idea and makes people crazy.


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